The Background

The Project

  • Introduction
  • Main Objective
  • Working Plan
  • Electric vehicles
  • Overview

  • The Partners:


    ELCIDIS Activities

    ELCIDIS officially runs from March 1st 1998 to August 31st 2001.

    The phasing of the project is organised as follows:

    • Initial study: Logistic system design and vehicle selection
    • Vehicle procurement
    • Operational phase: the vehicles will be demonstrated on-site for 30 months. The successful city projects will be prolonged and extended.
    • Evaluation: the projects on each site will be evaluated using a common procedure in order to collect data which can be easily compared and extrapolated to other cities.
      This includes data collection systems to be installed on vehicles, measuring logistic data and energy consumption, as to assess energy consumption and environmental benefits of vehicles.
      ECN, the Netherlands Energy Research Foundation, will be involved in the joint evaluation and the monitoring of ELCIDIS, in close co-operation with CITELEC.
    • Dissemination: newsletters, website, workshops. If you want to receive the newsletter or join a workshop, please contact the ELCIDIS project co-ordinator.