The Background

The Project

  • Introduction
  • Main Objective
  • Working Plan
  • Electric vehicles
  • Overview

  • The Partners:


    The Elcidis Project

    The ELCIDIS project is a form of co-operation between 7 European cities and CITELEC, the European Association of cities interested in the use of electric vehicles, set up to demonstrate the possibilities for a more efficient city distribution system operating with clean (hybrid) electric vehicles. The deployment of (hybrid) electric vehicles is common to all cities involved in the project. The organisation of the logistic system will vary according to the local situation in the cities.

    The projects of the participating cities can be grouped according to the logistic concept that will be used: 

  • The city projects of Rotterdam and Stockholm focus on the deployment of large electric vans (payload 1000-1500 kg, Rotterdam) and hybrid electric trucks (payload max. 11 tons, Stockholm) in the fleets ofexisting transport companies. The participating companies already have logistic systems which operate efficiently, functioning like Urban Distribution Centres. The (hybrid) electric vehicles will operate from these existing distribution centres.

  • The city project in the smaller city of La Rochelle focuses on the development of a new, clean and efficient distribution system. Special urban distribution companies will be set up, operating from newly created urban distribution centres in these cities. The smaller scale in these cities makes it most efficient to deploy electric vehicles with a payload of approximately 500 kg.

  • The city projects of Stavanger, Milan and Erlangen will focus on the deployment of (hybrid) electric vehicles for in-house goods and mail distribution for companies. The vehicles will be integrated into the fleets of companies which operate within the urban areas of these cities. The vehicles will, for example, be used in fleets of energy companies and municipalities. Electric and hybrid electric vehicles with a payload of approximately 500 kg are ideally suited to the transport needs of these companies.
  • The different focuses of the local projects enable an assessment of the implications regarding the use of (hybrid) electric vehicles in different environments and logistic systems in cities of various sizes. CITELEC will keep other European cities up-to-date on the progress and results of ELCIDIS.