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    ELCIDIS: Stavanger

    The city of Stavanger, 100 000 inhabitants, is located on the south western coast of Norway. It is part of a region with a population of over 225 000. Although the oil industry is the main employer in the region, Stavanger is looking for alternatives to vehicles powered by internal combustion engines. Stavanger's transport policy is aimed at the interaction and integration of different modes of transport: walking, cycling, buses and private vehicles, so that the negative effects of transportation are reduced to a minimum.The introduction of electric vehicles is part of this integral transport policy. Over the last decade Stavanger has introduced electric mini-buses, private electric cars and the accompanying charging infrastructure. The service centre, which is maintained by Lyse Energi AS, the regional energy utility company, has turned out to be a crucial factor for the success of these projects.

    One of the items the transport policy focuses on is a cleaner and more efficient urban distribution.To diminish the environmental nuisance of urban distribution activities, the inner-city can only be accessed by vehicles before 11 a.m. A further reduction of the environmental impact of goods distribution can be achieved by introducing electric vehicles for urban distribution activities.

    The introduction of 6 electric vehicles for urban distribution will take place within the context of ELCIDIS.The vehicles will be introduced for the in-house distribution of goods at three companies operating in the Stavanger region. At Lyse Energi AS two electric vans will operate from the company's recently opened distribution centre. Thus goods distribution will not only be cleaner but also more (energy) efficient. The second company where electric vans will be introduced is the Post service. Company-owned electric vans will replace the old and polluting privatelyowned post service vehicies.The municipal authorities of Stavanger will use the vans for the internal transportation of documents and the State Road Authority for transporting equipment. The introduction of the electric vans will be accompanied by the installation of recharging facilities in the city.

    Co-ordinator for the Stavanger project:

    Harald N. Røstvik
    c/o SunLab
    Alexander Kiellandsgt 2 
    4009 Stavanger 
    Phone + 47 51 53 3442 Fax + 47 51 52 4062
    e-mail: sunlab@rl.telia.no