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       ELCIDIS: Stockholm

    The city of Stockholm, with 700 000 inhabitants, is the economic heart of Sweden. The inner city covers an area of approximately 5x7 km, where 250 000 people live and 280 000 people work. The city has an extensive traffic policy to improve the environmental and living quality of the city. The introduction of zero and low emission vehicles (electric, biogas and ethanol) is part of this policy.
    In the city centre of Stockholm, goods distribution activities cause major problems with regard to noise and air pollution. In 1996 the city introduced access restrictions for the city centre for diesel driven trucks and buses over 3.5 tons. Only vehicles belonging to an environmental classification (like the EURO system) are exempted from these access restrictions. The results of this measure are positive; noise peaks have gone down and air pollution has decreased.
    Based on the success of this policy, the municipality wants to introduce hybrid/electric vehicles for goods distribution. In Stockholm the biggest environmental gain can be made by replacing heavy diesel trucks, causing most pollution, with hybrid electric trucks, driving emission-free in the city centre and using less energy.
    ELCIDIS in Stockholm focuses on the introduction of six hybrid electric trucks (weight 12 tons) and three electric vans for goods distribution in the city centre. The trucks are introduced at four companies: Danzas ASG Eurocargo AB, Green Cargo Road & Logistics AB, Grönsakshallen Sorunda AB and Transportfirma Trabé AB

    Hybrid electric trucks are new vehicles in the Stockholm traffic. The six vehicles, Mercedes ATEGO 1217 hybrid, will operate in electric mode when delivering goods in the city centre and, if required, switch to diesel mode on the traffic routes outside the city centre. The hybrids can run about 30 km on one electrical charge. They have a load capacity of 2300 kg or 35 m3.

    The three electric vans, Citroën Berlingo are owned and driven by Riksbyggen Stockholm. Riksbyggen is a large real estate owner in Stockholm and the vehicles will mainly be used as service vehicles for equipment and goods in between the different buildings down town Stockholm.

    The Stockholm consortium consists of:

    Environment and Health Protection Administration project manager 
    Danzas ASG Eurocargo AB  goods distribution with two hybrid trucks 
    Green Cargo Road & Logistics AB goods distribution with two hybrid trucks
    Grönsakshallen Sorunda AB goods distribution with one hybrid truck
    Transportfirma Trabé AB goods distribution with one hybrid truck
    Riksbyggen Stockholm  transport services with three electric vans
    Lease Plan owner of hybrid trucks evaluation of the vehicles 
    TFK Transport Research Institute  logistic evaluation
    Birka Energi supply  charging stations.


    Co-ordinator for the Stockholm project:

    Eva Sunnerstedt
    Environment and Health Protection Administration
    Box 38024
    100 64 Stockholm
    Phone + 46 8 508 28 913
    Fax + 46 8 508 28 808
    e-mail eva.sunnerstedt@miljo.stockholm.se


    To contact others in the Stockholm consortium:

    Danzas ASG Eurocargo AB  Christer Wernar
    Phone: +46 8 782 23 33
    E-mail: christer.wernar@se.danzas.com
    Homepage: http://www.danzasasg.com
    Green Cargo Road & Logistics AB Åke Högman
    Phone: +46 8 762 38 68
    E-mail: ake.hogman@greencargo.com
    Homepage: http://www.greencargo.se
    Grönsakshallen Sorunda AB Patrik Fyck
    Phone: +46 8 506 258 00
    E-mail: patrik.fyck@gronsakshallen.se
    Homepage: http://www.gronsakshallen.se
    Transportfirma Trabé AB Peter Ericson
    Phone: +46 8 568 700 30
    E-mail: trabe.pe@telia.com
    Homepage: http://www.trabe.se
    Riksbyggen Stockholm  Lars Sjoberg
    Phone: +46 8 772 16 73
    E-mail: lars-gunnar.sjoberg@riksbyggen.se
    Homepage: http://www.riksbyggen.se
    Pro Tima AB

    Charlie Rydén
    Phone: +46 8 448 18 32
    E-mail: charlie.ryden@telia.com.se
    Homepage: http://www.protima.info

    TFK Transport Research Institute  Haide Backmann
    Phone: +46 8 652 44 23
    E-mail: haide@tfk.se
    Homepage: http://www.tfk.se
    Birka Energi  Olof Ohlson
    Phone: +46 8 671 77 74
    E-mail: olof.ohlson@birkaenergi.se
    Homepage: http://www.birkaenergi.se